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Our Missions Conference looked much different than usual, but we still have UNFINISHED work to do!

God has called us to join Him in fulfilling the most urgent task in human history: reconciling all people to Himself. Yet, today there are still 3 billion people who have little or no opportunity to hear about Jesus.  Truly the mission of proclaiming Jesus to all nations remains unfinished.  

Consider what God would have you commit to the Alliance's Great Commission Fund throughout this year.  You may not even know where the extra funds will come from, but this is an active step you can take to give all people the opportunity to hear and respond to Jesus's invitation! Faith Promise cards are now available in the foyer of the church, and also below to download.  We even have special cards available for kids at the church!

You can return your completed Faith Promise card by March 21 to the church in the offering plate, by mail, or simply email a photo of it to the office.  

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