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Happy October! The last month has been absolutely crazy, in the best ways! I am going to try and be as informative and deep as possible but also, keep this concise and as clear as possible. A lot of people probably want to know similar things, “How am I doing? What am I learning? What has been the most impactful? What are you even actually doing right now?” I’d be happy to answer these for you.

I am doing really well! I have not regretted for a second making this decision or coming all the way out here for Circuit Riders. I am here with about 65 other students and we are doing class, and life together! I have been going deeper in my faith and that is amazing, but it is definitely an “uncomfortable” process growing with God! I mean that in the best way. It’s not that I don’t enjoy growing with God, it’s that as a human I have let the world sometimes create a way of thinking or acting for me that needs broken off as I grow closer in intimacy with God. I am a firm believer that as a Christian, there’s always more you can learn and more you can grow! It is definitely a season of growth for me, and I am enjoying that. 

What am I doing right now? During these 10 weeks, our goal is to learn and grow in our Faith in Jesus and prepare for the Carry The Love tour, which is our outreach to college campuses in the winter and spring. I am in “class” everyday from 10 am - 1 pm, Monday through Friday. The reason I say “class” is because we actually meet publicly in a local park and do our class time there. The weather is beautiful, so it's actually really great meeting in a park! On Tuesdays and Fridays from 2 PM - 5 PM, we have what Is called “track time." This is basically equivalent to a college major. The track I am in is called “Messengers” and it is to prepare us to do everything from speak on college campuses, to maybe one day becoming preachers, to just flat out sharing the Gospel with the person next to you. I have been growing my voice and my confidence in speaking during messenger track. Messengers is led by my fiery friend Derek Mack. Here is one of his sermons from a Monday Night (online) service that we have.

In addition to this, we have an organized outreach time on Wednesdays where the goal is simply to love people and share the Gospel with them. I am not a huge fan of “keeping statistics” when it comes to salvations, so I’ll just say we have all seen people come to a new salvation with Jesus this fall! As a group we have seen dozens of people give their lives to Jesus. We also have “Greenhouse” worship sessions on Tuesdays at 8:30 am (Pacific) and our “CR Monday Nights” at 6 pm (Pacific). These are online broadcasts that our fantastic media team does and you can tune if you like! 

What am I learning and what has been most impactful? That is the toughest question to answer, by far. For the last 6 weeks we’ve gotten solid teaching and preaching every single day! It is so hard to nail down what has been best, most impactful, or even just a comprehensive summary of what we’re doing. I am going to do my best to describe it to you though! The MAIN topics we have covered are: Original Circuit Riders, Holy Spirit, Freedom Week, Prayer, Prophecy, Worship, Intimacy, Bible World View. ( PS - It is hard to accurately describe everything we’ve gone over - so below I just added a little summary of the topics we’ve gone over. Obviously, with 15 hours of class time per week, we have gone so DEEP in these topics, much deeper than I am able to relay here!)

The Original Circuit Riders were WILD! They would ride on horseback for hundreds of miles just to get to churches to help see them revived, see the lost saved, and see towns come together to know Jesus better. Teaching on the Holy Spirit sometimes freaks people out for some reason, but we simply just dove deep, deep into who the Holy Spirit is (lives inside of you as a believer) and what he desires (for you to be fully obedient to God and the scriptures). We were led by Amy Ward, who had the original vision from God that launched the Circuit Riders! Freedom Week was wild for many people! A lot of people were set free from their past and from things they’d been holding onto or trapped in for years. We went through a book called the freedom manual and established/reaffirmed who we are as Christians. Often times we believe in Jesus and what he teaches but we don’t walk in the freedom that he gives us. We attacked things from the past like sin and rejection, and a lot of other things that put a wall between us and God and we tore through that. If anyone is interested in reading or learning about the freedom manual, you can borrow mine or we can talk through it. We went deep into Prayer and Prophecy the next week! Prophecy is another thing that sometimes people get weirded out about, but simply put God desires to speak to us through the scriptures and by means of the Holy Spirit, and desires that we operate from a place of knowing the Word and knowing Him personally. I do want to note that we were taught and believe that all prophecy or anything you hear from God and the Holy Spirit is driven by the Word of God, aligns with the Word, and is affirmed by the Word! Simply put, the word of God drives everything we do here at CR! In addition to hearing from God, we went deep on prayer life and how God desires and is worthy of us pressing into him in private, and praying to Him. To honor him with our lips and to make our requests known to Him! That led into an amazing week with Chris Burns who talked all about Intimacy! He really challenged us to press into the secret place and get alone with God, because God is so worth it! Lindy Cofer, who leads Circuit Rider music closed out that week with talking about Worship, especially different ways to worship God (In the Word, in songs in Spirit) and how worship can be a means of evangelism! This brings us right up to last week, which focused on Biblical Worldview! We must have a Biblical worldview and know what our Bible says and what it means, especially in these crazy times! 


Here’s a lighting round of what has been most impactful to me: 

• Intimacy with the Lord - this is the “dinner and dessert” as a Christian. Knowing Jesus is what it’s all about, and making Jesus known is just an overflow from that place.

• Paul said this, “I have decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified”. This has been my goal this fall! To know nothing but what Paul said, Christ and Him Crucified!

• Freedom week - Knowing real life things from my past and present that can separate me from God (sin is an obvious one, but even such things as seemingly small world views that can draw me away from God’s heart)

• Lastly I wanna say ... THANK YOU! to all who have given, reached out, and asked about how things are going. I really enjoy catching up and sharing this adventure with friends and family!


Around Circuit Riders...

Some cool things happening in the Circuit Rider community to check out!

• We launched CARRY THE LOVE tour EARLY! This year's motto for the Carry the Love tour is "WHATEVER IT TAKES". This was birthed coming out of the times we are in now; pandemics, violence and hate every which way you turn. We are committing to do whatever it takes to infiltrate the areas we go to with the Love of Jesus. 

Check out the website to see if there's a location near you!!

• Circuit Riders youth launched a show! The show is live on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, Thursdays @ 6:00 PM (PT). This is perfect for teens or pre-teens (and perfect for parents looking for clean entertainment and a Gospel message for their kids that age! Here's the first episode to check out:

• Attached below is a schedule with some of our media on it! We are LIVE ON YOUTUBE for Monday Nights, Greenhouse, and Sunday Conversations! Follow Circuit Riders on YouTube to watch! I assure you, you will be blessed!


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Again thank you to all who have given, reached out, and prayed for me, and who are currently praying for me! I genuinely appreciate each one of you. Please reach out if we can be praying for you, for anything small or huge, we would love to be praying with you and for you!  If you have any questions about anything, please reach out to me through my regular contact info or the form below!

Together, we will reap the harvest at High Schools, Universities, and in the United States of America! God Bless!

Wesley P. Foor
Circuit Riders // Carry The Love

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” - Luke 10:2-3

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