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Send the Gospel to our military service members, veterans, and to every corner of the world!

Faith Comes By Hearing's mission, Vision 2033, is to not only provide Biblesticks to our military, veterans, and their families, but to have Bible engagement in 100% of the world's languages that need them by the year 2033. 

1.5 billion people worldwide have no Bible access in their heart language, and 70% of the world's population rely solely on oral communication. To date, Faith Comes By Hearing has provided the Bible in audio format in over 1,705 languages, just 83% of the world's population.  The current goal for this fiscal year is to fund:

  • recording 152 Bibles in foreign languages
  • 40 new oral audio Bible translations
  • 350 Gospel film adaptations into new languages
  • start 116,650 group Bible listening programs in the mission field
  • Biblesticks to fulfill thousands of requests monthly from our military service members and veterans
People around the world need and want God's Word!

There were 7,112 requests for Military Biblesticks in August alone!  In Ukraine since March 2022, there have been 99,000 new installs of Faith Comes By Hearing's app!  Bomb shelters are requesting as many solar audio Bible proclaimers as possible. 

Would you consider giving to provide hope, strength, and peace in a very uncertain world?

  • $25 funds one Biblestick for a military service member or veteran, and their family
  • $157 funds one solar audio Bible proclaimer in the mission field
  • Your gift will be matched by a Faith Comes By Hearing ministry partner

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Send the Gospel to every corner of the world!

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