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Now through October 4, we are collecting funds for the Military Bible Stick program!  You can help to put the Word of God into the hands (and ears) of our heroes in uniform worldwide and their families, too!  These MP3 players, about the size of a pack of gum, have the whole New Testament and selected Psalms in audio format and are distributed free of charge to service members through their Chaplains.  A card included with the device enables the receipient to request a (CD) copy of an Audio Drama New Testament AND an Audio Kids Bible for their family at home.  

Our military service members are facing unique and difficult challenges with extended deployment in dangerous locations, significant resources being poured into containing the virus, while quarantines, outbreaks and travel restrictions impact recruitment and relocations of troops and their families. 

Through our years of participation in this program, we have provided more than 400 Bible Sticks!  Your gift will help to provide hope, strength and peace in a very uncertain world. Just $25 sponsors one service member and their family.  

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Be an Agent of Hope to our Service Members!

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