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Your generosity was matched to raise over $2000 for Vision 2033! 

Faith Comes by Hearing is receiving 5-6000 requests for Military Bible Sticks per month in addition to over 11,000 requests in the weeks following recent events in Afghanistan!

Faith Comes By Hearing has launched a whole new campaign called Vision 2033, with the goal to have Bible Recording and Bible engagement in 100% of the World’s languages that need them by the year 2033.  Offerings help record Audio Scriptures in the heart language of the people and also provides the Scriptures in a culturally relevant format, including Military BibleSticks, Proclaimers, Gospel film, App and more!  Faith Comes by Hearing currently has 1,552 foreign language Bible Recordings available spoken by 6.4 Billion in 190 countries. Over 4,000 foreign language groups still do not have access to God’s Word in their language and 70% of the world’s population are oral learners.

Your gift is already providing hope, strength and peace in a very uncertain world!

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Be an Agent of Hope to our Service Members and Veterans!

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